Simple Kitchen Makeover

So here is the second of my local kitchen makeover websites. Both were customers that I gained from joining my local marketing group. They are actually the same company, but marketing different kitchen products, so technically they are the same customer but 2 different sites. All the same it shows that local network marketing works for web designers like me, and I am grateful for the work.

This time the customer wanted me to show how easy it is to do the work yourself, but at the same time show how much easier it would be to pay an expert. Lets hope that it works for him.

Sure an interior designer would help and an ample budget could do wonders for a kitchen makeover but for most people, a little imagination does the same trick too.

Taking inspiration

One common theme that you will see in your clippings for modern kitchen makeover ideas are that it is bright, spanking clean and has simple lines. While wood as an element in a kitchen makeover gives warmth, they have also become very expensive and are often associated with things of the past. Whatever wood is used are for utilitarian purposes that are mostly done for cabinets and items that cannot be done well with a replacement. Outside of that, kitchen makeovers usually use glass, shiny metal, and well-finished and well-painted concrete.

A word about clean

kitchen-makeover.jpgCounter tops are among the dirtiest in the house, dirtier than toilet bowls. What makes cleaning the counter top inefficient is the clutter that is usually on top of it. Decluttering the counter top do wonders to the general appearance of the kitchen. You will be amazed at how your kitchen would look if the counter top is decluttered.

If the counter top must be replaced but you cannot afford one, a new laminate instead of a stone countertop is kitchen makeover idea that works every time. The fridge door is the appliance that gets easily cluttered. Modern refrigerator doors are made of shiny metal and have beautiful finishes that removing the magnets and the memos from it will do your kitchen a real modern look.

The Floor

Kitchen floors reflect much of the light. Shiny wooden floors are excellent but if not, choose vinyl or tiles for the kitchen makeover. Choose tiles that are very light in color and with as simple pattern as possible. You will be amazed at the transformation of the kitchen when it is decluttered, and the color of the floor is light and shiny.

The power of light

Most kitchens are fixed with ambient lighting and for most people this is enough. However, you could add so much elegance to the kitchen by using accent and task lighting. The ambiance of your kitchen is much improved when lights have placed the bottom of your kitchen cabinet or in front of it. Pendant lighting is excellent over kitchen islands. Use CFL lights. You will not only save money on electric bills you will also have a bright, happy looking kitchen.

kitchen-makeover.jpgCabinets and storage

Repainting the cabinets will always give it a fresh, clean look. You may also want to replace handles and knobs to get a better look and feel. Knobs are very inexpensive, and the selection is so vast that you will always find one that will help your kitchen makeover from drab to sleek.


If you must have one, check out devices pick those whose casings are made from stainless steel and are satin finished.

There are very easy tricks to give your kitchen makeover a good, clean, and up to date look. Sometimes all it takes is a visit to a home center, and ideas come up. Home centers are also good places to realize that you need something but have not thought of before. My best advice is to call in an expert and get the kitchen of your dreams and none of the hassle.

From my web designers point of view, somebody who does the business all day every day may cost money, but in the long term you have a job that is done right, and you don’t have to give up your time to get it done. It’s a win win!

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