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882642_441067205977883_35844612_oI am very excited to report that following a recent marketing campaign that I ran to local businesses, I have several orders for new websites. I have only been marketing to kitchen companies so far, and I have several orders and even more enquiries to follow up. If you are a web designer, and I guess that you are if you are reading this blog, then my suggestion is that you follow my lead and contact local kitchen companies to see if they need an upgrade to their website… because it seems that many do.

I made this kitchen worktop website a few months ago, http://www.kitchenworktopsolutionsderby.co.uk  and I used this as an example to send to my list of prospects, and it seemed to do the trick. I like marketing to kitchen businesses because they sell a high ticket item, so it means that they are more likely to have the money to spend on local marketing, and I also like the product that they sell.

Granite is a widely accepted form of kitchen worktops all over the world. It is always good for you to make use of the finest kind of the kitchen worktops as it is really a great investment and should choose good material for the same. Granite is always the best thing that you have as worktop. It is always good that you get to know more about what the material is and what are the pros of using this material as the kitchen worktop, so that you do not regret later on ,for using this mWorktop-Solid-Herregards-Oak-Oiled~V0843_678474_00aterial.

Granite is a kind of igneous rock that is formed out of magma which is available in various colors. There are dark granite as well as light granite too. It is the tough and hard rock that you can find in various parts of the earth in different countries. These are mined from ground at the granite quarries. One side of the granite is polished after mining, the rock is then sliced for forming granite slabs. These are the granite slabs that we buy and cut them as per our need so that it can be used as the countertop for our kitchen. Here are the pros of using granite in kitchen worktops.


Granite countertops are the finest kind of the countertops that are available for you to use at home. The kind of rough handling that it gets from kids, heat as well as various other things from kitchen can harm any kind of countertop. When you use granite kitchen worktops you need not have to worry about it getting damaged as this is the material that is available with great durability. It is the kind of the rock that has already survived many kinds of the bad conditions on earth. It is really hard for making a scratch on it nor it can be burnt.

Take a look at this video to see some of the beautiful tyes of kitchen worktops that are available. Images such as the ones shown can make your new kitchen website look extremely appealing to a prospective customer.


Granite countertops can easily freshen or update your home’s look. Each slab you get is different from the other. There are chances for you to have many granite slabs with similar color but the pattern on them varies. There are chances for some of them to have veining patterns other may be dark or light. The granite countertops should be really unique for home and can match with the decor and also can make your guests envy on the same.


When you consider any other kitchen worktops, it is hard for you to find any of them that stays for such longer time and also it can be really harder for you to have such a kind of the countertop with great durability available in cheaper rate compared to other. There is no need for you to worry much about maintenance too. When it comes to wooden countertops the maintenance and the care that you should have on it is also a great factor but that is not there with the granite countertop. It is something that can be perfect for your kitchen.

So as you can see, kitchen companies are a good prospect as they sell high ticket items. Good luck with your prospecting and please let me know your results.

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