Boost your Website Design Skills With These Top Tips

rosette reads website design tipsSo you have decided to make a new website for your business or hobby and are looking for some tips on how best to do that. Here is a list of my top tips that should help you to get a good result with your website, regardless of your experience. In my opinion a local business should have the best website of all of his competition, as it is one way to get business from your competitors. And remember this, you don’t have to be the best website designer in the world to do that, you only have to be better than your competition!

Putting into good use great website design tips can make the difference between a flourishing website and one that is unsuccessful. Every website owner’s wish is to see their sites on the front page of search engines. At the same time, having a site that is attractive to visitors and very effective in achieving its prime goals is also everyone’s wish. So, to help you make all of these a reality, here are a few website design tips you might want to put into consideration.

Whichever layout you choose for your website should mostly be based on your needs. It’s the layout that influences how you place your content, images, videos and other media likely to make it into your website. Ordinarily, normal layouts are designed in Adobe Photoshop. To make your layout stand out, please consider such aspects as footer content and header height, screen width and height, simplicity and draft layouts.

Color scheme
Another vital element of website design is the color scheme. Typically, it’s best to use two or three colors. If you go beyond, you might have difficulties controlling them. You can visit or where you will have access to multiple color schemes. Key things to observe is the balance of colors, visibility and clarity, and attractiveness.

Here’s another area of website design we can’t simply afford to ignore. Note that the first place most website users see on your website is the website’s right top corner. You can effectively use both sides (left and right) by placing links to other pages of your website. This will allow for greater accessibility to different areas of your website.

Content management
To make website users more attracted to your content, first off, you have to position it well. This you can achieve in so many ways. Ensure you view it in multiple major browsers. Other areas to put into consideration include header-content distances, clear fonts, margins and positions, balancing and white space.

Search engine optimization
After you’ve set up a fair part of the three aspects already listed, next it will be very important to consider search friendly coding. It’s quite a wide area so here are a few things you will have to work on:

• Minimum image usage to boost loading speed
• Minimal usage of scripts and flash content
• Use proper keywords for titles and other headingsweb-designer-sydney-269x300
• Cross browser compatibility
• Meta Tag analyzer tools
• Nice web page optimizer tools
• Pingdom tools to check your loading time and efficiency.
• Adobe Browser lab to check your web page across different operating systems and browsers

Find helpful tools
Every website designer should make an effort to explore the potential of different tools available out there that can help to enhance the website’s productivity. This may range from extensions, graphics editors, or any helpful web design tools. You can visit forums to gain more ideas on these.

Design Exposure
As you work on the design of your website don’t forget to leave it exposed to new and latest technologies, layouts, design patterns and overall web design features.

By using the aforementioned website design tips, you will be able to not only save time and effort but also make your website more attractive and productive. As I said in the intro, a local business needs a good website to bring in business, and it is something that I specialise in. If you need any help, or especially if you need someone to do the work for you, please send me an email and let’s get to work.

The video below has some tips and tricks for 2016, some up to date ideas that you may find useful.

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